How To Use Paragraph Dialog Box In MS Word 2016?

A section in Word is any content that finishes with a hard return I,e squeezing enter key. Sections organizing gives you a chance to control the presence of individual passages.

The Passages exchange box enables you to describe falling format (CSS) style attributes for altering, indenting, and isolating entries, or for changing the scattering between words.


First select the content or sections on which you need to roll out improvements like arranging, indenting, adjusting or shading.


Presently we will talk about every one by one:-



  • first Select the sections or entries. Tap on the home tab.
  • Go to section exchange box and tap on any initial three choices u wish to be chosen.
  • That is it you are finished.



  • A similar methodology is for indenting too.
  • Select sections
  • Tap on the indenting alternatives where you need to indent the content.



  • Select the substance.
  • Arrangement gives four choices



  • Select the sections or passages.
  • Go to shading choice and tap on it.
  • Select the color as per requirement says blue.


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