How to Add Bookmarks & Create Hyperlinks within MS Word 2016?

The Links discourse box records the majority of the hyperlink in the dynamic Word archive. To choose different connections, click once on the primary connection, press Ctrl, and afterward click once on every one of alternate connections that you need to alter.

You can even make connects to its watchword too. There are no hindrances on the quantity of connections you make in a word record.


  • Embeddings hyperlink in a word report
  • Spare the Word archive at the coveted area.
  • At that point feature the content on which you need to make a hyperlink or essentially click at the situation in the archive at that point hit the connection from connections exchange box.
  • Compose the content to be underlined as a hyperlink. At that point append the web interface in Address Bar to the accentuated or composed content.
  • Tap on alright presently accentuated content or composed content will be unmistakable in the report as a hyperlink at the coveted position.


Inserting bookmark in a Word document


The bookmark is an exceptionally helpful instrument to be used in protracted archives. You can embed the bookmark from inside the connections gather on the Insert tab inside Word 2016.


  • Select the content first on which you need to make a bookmark. Bookmark tab.
  • Drive through Links tab and hit bookmark there. Enter a specific name for your bookmark. Hit alright.
  • Presently go to hyperlink tab again select your bookmark there and glue it at the coveted area.
  • The hyperlink made through bookmark will take you to the content chose on which bookmark was made.


Adding on the web media to the archive


  • Media tab inserts video media in a word archive as video gives a ground-breaking approach to enable you to demonstrate your point.
  • When you click Online Video, you can glue in the insert code for the video you need to include.
  • You can likewise type a watchword to scan online for the video that best accommodates your archive.


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